About us

For a trip around the world or just for weekend getaway. To feel the ocean or to walk on sandy beaches or to feel the coldness of the snow. It could carry a laptop or the groceries. For urban nomads and adventure seekers, for whom constant movement is the essence of life. All paths are unique and it’s worth to have a reliable companion.

Tchakon was made out of respect for art of craftsmanship. In times where things are replaced rather than repaired, we want to design and create timeless handcraft.

We have no ambition to follow trends, we don’t care about them here. During the process of designing and manufacturing our backpacks, we focus on uncompromising quality and minimalism. Most of all, we want them to be beautiful and useful. Our designs will never go out of fashion because we never intended to follow it.

We put all of our passion and commitment into backpack’s smallest detail. Every color, used fabric and every single seam is the result of many hours of continuous discussions and confrontations with our vision of reality. Therefore, it took us almost a year to find the right fabrics. Our fabrics are mostly imported from the United Kingdom - the country that has provided the best quality traditional cotton fabrics since the 19th century.  We also purchase materials from the best Polish producers and use the help of the most skilled craftsmen.

The path we have chosen is not simple or easy but only such journeys tell the best stories, aren’t they?


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